Imagination in Motion


As the summer heat rolls off and crisper temperatures rattle fallen leaves, a fresh season offers new opportunities to grow. Exciting development is in store for all children entering the school year, but studies suggest those heading to the ballet studio after class may have an upper hand.

In addition to the obvious physical benefits of ballet, significant positive effects on the developing brain have also been linked to studying dance. Of course increased range of motion, strength, and endurance come along with practicing ballet, but the advantages go far beyond the body. The faculty at the Festival Ballet Providence School (FBP School) aims to enhance those assets to bring an even higher level of learning to our students.


Focusing on balance and posture boosts a child’s awareness, heightening the ability to control spacial and bodily awareness both in and out of the studio.

In each class, ballet students learn different combinations of steps to create choreography, exercising their ability to recall information and form muscle memory.

The building of a child’s musicality, a crucial element in studying dance, has been shown to yield an increased comprehension of math skills in students. Counting music and matching dance steps to specific phrases teaches students to work with numbers in a fun new way.


Dance classes provide the outlet for self-expression that is crucial to maintaining a child’s mental and emotional health. The FBP School fosters a community of creation, allowing students the freedom to bring their imaginations to life.

Self-Discipline is paramount to a proper ballet education, and at our school students are encouraged to celebrate their dedication to this historic art form, whether their involvement be recreational or pre-professional.


Teamwork and cooperation are vital tools in the ballet world. The FBP School instills these virtues in all of its students, emphasizing the importance of respect, acceptance, and collaboration.

FBP School Director Mary Ann Mayer believes an excellent dance education provides children with limitless benefits outside of the studio:

“For many students, their experience at FBP has helped them become more disciplined, focused, organized and confident in other aspects of their lives. We hear this expressed by parents and students from all divisions within our program, from our adaptive dance program to our young children’s program. We are thrilled that dance has had such a positive impact in our community and we will continue to strive to provide a quality of dance education while supporting our students and families individual goals,” Mayer says of the program.


It’s not too late to get in on the learning! What are you waiting for? Join the FBP School’s ongoing enrollment at the Hope Street studios this season. Call (401) 353-1129 or visit our website for more information.

This post was written by Kirsten Evans. The author is in her eighth season as a Company Dancer with Festival Ballet Providence. She is also the Company PR & Communications Assistant, ballet educator, and the writer of a personal blog, Setting The Barre.


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