11 Reasons You Need To See “The Widow’s Broom”

You already know this show is a festive Halloween treat, but in case you need some convincing, here are 11 reasons to see Festival Ballet Providence (FBP)’s “The Widow’s Broom” this weekend…

  1. Get your daily dose of art. Celebrate 40 years of culture in Providence as Rhode Island’s premiere ballet company makes this season’s mainstage debut in its 40th Anniversary Season with “The Widow’s Broom”.

    FBP Company Dancers rehearsing “The Widow’s Broom”
  2. Witches and pumpkins and ghostly brooms, oh my! “The Widow’s Broom” is the perfect way to get ready for Halloween night, complete with a coven of creepy cool witches.

    A few of the “Widow’s Broom” witches sweeping up at Providence Waterfire’s Fireball event.
  3. Enjoy the adventurous tale that has already captivated hundreds of students across the region! Children will love seeing this story (and the enchanted broom himself!) come to life through movement.

    FBP Dancer Louisa Mejeur getting witchy with the 2nd grade class at Paul Cuffee Charter School as part of the Company’s Community Outreach Program
  4. Behold the bewitching scenery from Eugene Lee, the designer of Broadway’s Wicked. Maybe the Tony Award-winner has a thing for witches

    Broom & son play while widow sleeps, Davide Vittorino, Heather O'Halloran, Jennifer Ricci, photo by Thomas Nola-Rion
    Davide Vittorino, Heather O’Halloran, Jennifer Ricci in FBP’s “The Widow’s Broom”, photo by Thomas Nola-Rion
  5.  Indulge in the ingenious choreography of FBP Resident Choreographer Viktor Plotnikov. Watch an enchanted broom come to life before your eyes!

    Viktor Plotnikov watches FBP rehearsing “The Widow’s Broom”
  6. Hear the spellbinding music by Serbian composer Aleksandra Vrebalov. Did you know the young composer was only 21 when she wrote the original score for FBP’s “The Widow’s Broom”? Charmed!

    Broom Plays Piano, 4 x 7, 400 dpi,
    illustration from The Widow’s Broom, by Chris Van Allsburg.
  7. Fall in love with the charming story from Polar Express author Chris Van Allsburg, and see how the children’s book author/illustrator- famous for his clever characters and detailed drawings- helped bring this classic tale to life.

    Chris Van Allsburg’s The Widow’s Broom on display at the Lincoln School Book Fair
  8. Enjoy an experience in the heart of historic downcity with a visit to the impressive theater at The Vets. That gilded proscenium hugging the stage, though!

    photo of The Vets stage via thevetsri.com
  9. Magic tricks and sweet treats are sure to delight the whole family with dazzling holiday fun! Children and those young-at-heart will awaken their imagination as this spooky story unfolds on stage.

    Jennifer Ricci reading Chris Van Allsburg’s The Widow’s Broom at the Lincoln School Book Fair.
  10. Witness the accomplished Company Dancers showcasing their talents and expressing their artistry in this emotional and uplifting performance.

    FBP Company Dancers rehearsing “The Widow’s Broom”
  11. Whether you are a native Rhode Islander or a new-kid-on-the-block, FBP invites you to dive into the Creative Capital by embracing this visionary dramatic production!
Widow and son dance, Leticia Guerrero and Emily Bromberg, The Widow's Broom, photo by Thomas Nola-Rion, 400 dpi
Leticia Guerrero and Emily Bromberg in FBP’s “The Widow’s Broom”, photo by Thomas Nola-Rian.

For tickets to “The Widow’s Broom”, click here or call 401-421-ARTS.


This post was written by Kirsten Evans. The author is in her eighth season as a Company Dancer with Festival Ballet Providence. She is also the Company PR & Communications Assistant, as well as the writer of a personal blog, Setting The Barre.


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